Olivia Senior is a journalist and photographer living and working in Walyalup/Fremantle, contributing to various editorial platforms and projects.

With a background in journalism, she is naturally drawn to people and their stories, which has greatly influenced her career. With over six years of experience in freelance photography, she has produced cover photos for publications like NME and STM magazine. She was approached to create album artwork for Stella Donnelly’s ‘Flood’ and for San Cisco’s fifth studio record ‘Under The Light’. She has been commissioned by publications such as Marie Claire, The Australian, The Design Files, and worked closely with clients including Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) and Fremantle Biennale. Her photographs have also been featured on The Guardian, to Be Magazine, Boys By Girls and RUSSH. Her personal practice explores intimacy in numerous ways: through closeness; bodies and the relationship we have with them; form and shapes; and the coalescence of soft and strong through portraiture. 

Throughout her seven years’ experience in journalism, Olivia has interviewed international musicians, covered events, and been commissioned to write features. She also works as a writer at the Seven West MINT native content studio where she crafts branded stories for PerthNow and The West Australian.